About Enjoy the best of Bali

Enjoy the best of bali was born from the experience of some wandering travellers. Searching the streets of Bali looking for somewhere to dine often left them in a state of confusion. They watched others drawn in one happy hour deal after another, or even better (??) they thought, an existing crowd.  Did this really mean a great place? It was at this moment when it dawned on them…there was a huge and unnecessary gap in the market in bringing holidaymakers and residents to quality restaurants.

Committed to making your Bali experience the best it can possibly be, Enjoy offers you exceptional deals on great restaurants across Bali… and the best part? You’ve determined which are the best, not us! We’ve scoured the internet for peer to peer reviews, short-listing only the “best” as based on the quality of the food, service and ambiance. We then visited each individual venue to ensure their suitability and invited them to be part of our community.

The Enjoy books guide you to the top spots, give you incredibly high value offers and support local restaurants by giving them an alternative to the ‘Happy Hour’ incentive, commonly seen across the island. The series of books cover popular regions to generate even greater value for you and also give otherwise overlooked, yet exceptional, restaurants more exposure.

In the past, we’ve seen voucher clubs that cover whole islands, or entire countries (!!), but rarely do holidaymakers have the opportunity to use all the vouchers in one trip to Bali – that’s why our regional books are so popular.  Experience the best Bali has to offer at your convenience and enjoy even greater value, whilst positively contributing to the local communities.